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My Philosophy

All human beings have the innate ability to heal. Often psycho-emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression are highly mismanaged in todays society. The root cause of these disorders can be overlooked and treatment can often consist of over-medication. It is not uncommon that those struggling have very little knowledge about their condition and thus are disempowered in their journey to feel better.

It is my commitment to educate & empower my clients in their healing process so that they can actively participate in the reshaping of their health and wellness. I offer a natural and holistic alternative where my clients learn to understand their emotional challenges and work with them to change patterns and feel better.

Through acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle adjustments I help people to reach balance so that they can gain control of their emotional well being and feel like themselves again. I am dedicated to creating a safe, nonjudgemental space where profound growth and transformation can take place. To learn more about working with me please sign up for a free 30 minute wellness inventory where we will have a chance to look at where your health and wellness currently is, what some of your health and wellness goals are and if my services would be a good fit helping you feel your best.

I look forward to hearing from you!